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If you visit our website for the first time, we would kindly suggest you start here to peruse some information about Corporate Finance in order for you to benefit and make informed decisions.

We offer Sell Side services for EARLY STAGE and LATER STAGE clients:

                                                    EARLY STAGE

Early Stage clients can have their deal in our Monthly Email Campaign or attend our New York Private Equity Forums:

Monthly Email Campaign

You can advertise your deal in our Monthly Email Campaign.

You can advertise your deal in our Monthly Email Campaign INSTEAD attending our New York Private Equity Forum.

You can attend our New York Private Equity Forum AND you advertise your deal in our Monthly Email Campaign.

We offer for you to advertise your deal to our investor database. Our investor database is huge and global. Our investor email campaigns are like a “global Tsunami”. To assist in evaluating the database, a list of investors can be found in the table below. It’s the most efficient way for you to advertise your deal.

We do not raise funding for early stage clients. We assist early stage clients in making contact with potential investors. If early stage clients wish to make contact with potential investors, those early stage clients need to advertise their deal to investors. We do advertising for early stage clients. We advertise "any" early stage client to the global investor community in our database that pays for the advertising, i.e. we do not reject clients. We are no broker in that respect, i.e. we have no analysts and do not pre-screen clients with their deals and think about if we pick this client or if we reject this client. We do the campaign and after awareness is created investors make their own investment decisions and thus this will be informed decision making.

Advertising your deal in our investor email campaign is like advertising in the newspaper. You could similarly advertise your deal in a monthly corporate finance magazine that is read by investors worldwide; however our method is easier for you and goes directly to investors. If you advertise your car for sale, for example, in the newspaper the newspaper will charge you and there is no guarantee that anyone will be interested in your car and buy it.

One can advertise a deal in the Monthly Email Campaign either with or without disclosing its identity, which is a major differentiator in terms of visibility and thus creating awareness.

We advertise early stage clients with disclosing the identity to investors. This is typically useful for early stage clients, because those clients need the maximum visibility to create awareness when campaigned to investors. Here it shows your company name.

Furthermore, you can provide us with a link to your website or your email address and interested investors can click that. Interim Global Solutions embeds that link in the email template that we use for the email campaign. Investors receive that email and they can click the link if they wish and it takes them to your website or an email opens in outlook so an interested investor can easily drop you an email. You may even design a dedicated landing page on your website for investors. For example, you could use your crowd funding website as the landing page. Investors can download more information on your website such as a Business Plan.

If you fill in and submit the website form below the subscription fee for our Monthly Email Campaign for three months is just $100. That is just $8 per week. Not including the follow up with investors.

If you fill in and submit the website form below the subscription fee for our Monthly Email Campaign, including follow-up with investor conference calls and campaign preparation costs $500 for three months. That is just $38 per week. This includes:

  • Conference call preparation to help you maximize influence with investors and solidify your business relationships.

  • We will also review and edit your documents, such as business plans. You only have one shot with investors and your documents must be top notch in order to make a top notch first Impression.

  • We make sure that the information you provide is of high quality, comprehensive, reliable and accurate to convince investors, make them feel comfortable and to build trust.

Any additional consulting service for early stage clients is charged with an hourly rate of just $15. Please click here.

To convert that in your currency, you may use www.oanda.com

New York Private Equity Forums

Together with our Partner Starlight Investment Bank, we are pleased to extend an invitation for you “to apply to present” at our upcoming event, New York Private Equity Forums: National Angel-VC Summit & Growth Capital Forum being held in the Grand Ballroom of the Yale Club New York. Now in our 12th year, the value of these unique "investor-centric" forums is clear. More capital sources attend New York Private Equity Forums’ “deal-oriented” events each year than any other functions of their kind in the USA.

The Day's Program: In keeping with tradition, the upcoming forum will be a prestigious upscale venue. The event will start with a banquet luncheon at noon and conclude with an elegant Dinner/Reception where you will enjoy Live Latin Jazz and fine wine. The day's program will showcase potential emerging growth companies followed by breakout sessions with management. Our guests are assured of the high-end "peer-to-peer" experience and prestigious upscale setting that they have come to expect for over nearly 12 years. The event is geared for high-end networking deal-making.  It is not subsidized by sponsors outside the investment community or key note speakers who want to promote their services and have no interest in doing deals. For this reason, every attendee pays a fee.

Our prestigious venues are like a private club meeting. The Yale Club of New York City, in the heart of Manhattan, was founded in 1897 for Yale University alumni from all over the world. Picture: June 2012 Forum held in the Grand Ballroom of the Yale Club New York. 

An early-stage company spends thousands of dollars to travel to investor meetings in different cities, countries and locations to do presentations. This is why so many early stage companies choose to present at our forums because the money spent creates effective return. Companies see our national business funding conferences as a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative to going on a Road Show to raise money.

There are different visibility options and pricing. We have non-presenter visibility options and pricing as well as conference presenter options and pricing. Our entry price point for Non-Presenting Entrepreneur Delegate Registration is only $1,750.00 for one person or $2,500 for two people. You can register online by credit card: just scroll down on the Starlight website to Entrepreneur Registration.

Please click and feel free to obtain, register for Non-Presenting Entrepreneur Delegate Registration, read testimonials, and request more information, watch videos of the event or sign up for the 5 weekly Pre-Funding Tips (no charge):  

If you are interested to learn more about our other visibility options, please scroll down and fill in the form.

Angel investors and principals from more than one-hundred active private equity and venture capital firms attend each event, representing billions in capital for early and later-stage companies. In addition, many high-net-worth investors and several leading angel groups will also be joining us. To assist in evaluating the venue, a list of prior investor attendees can be found in the table below.

Select Investor Registrants - Private Equity 2012: Business Innovation & Angel-VC Summit (Kindly Note the Names of Angels, Individual Participants and High-Net-Worth Investors are not shown for Privacy and Security Purposes):

ABP AcquisitionsAcer Technology VenturesAOL Time Warner Opp. Investment Fund
Ascend Venture Group LLCAspen Capital PartnerAthena Capital
Atid Capital PartnersAvansis Ventures, LLCAxiom Venture Partners
Bank of New YorkBEV CapitalBlaylock & Partners
Brook Venture PartnersC. E. Unterberg TobinCarthage Venture Partners
Celadon CapitalChannel CapitalCitigroup Capital Markets
CLB Strategic Capital FundCommunications Equity Associates, LLCCore Capital Partners
Crest Communications HoldingsConnecticut Capital MarketsCross Atlantic Capital Partners
Dolphin Equity PartnersEmpire State Venture Group, Inc.EnerTech Capital Partners
Flatiron PartnersFinancial Network GroupFA Technology Ventures
Foursome InvestmentsFundingPostGE Capital
Genaissance Healthcare Capital PartnersGenesis CampusGlobal Technology Investments
GMAC Securities Corp.Greenough & Company Inc.Grosvenor Fund
GRP PartnersHarris Nesbitt GerardIBM Corp. Venture Inv.
IDG VenturesIMS VenturesInner Harbor Ventures
Intel CapitalInvestors Capital Corp.Investors Circle
ITF Global PartnersJ.P. Morgan ChaseJerusalem Venture Partners
KBL Health VenturesKinsella GroupLandmark Capital
Lexicon Capital GroupM&A Capital CorporationMadison Equity
Marsh Private EquityMBI Investment Mgmt.Mentor Capital Partners
Maximum Ventures, Inc.Mercantile Capital GroupMerrill Lynch
Milestone Venture PartnersMRC CapitalMurdock Capital Partners
New Urban DevelopmentsNew York City Investment FundsNew York Community Investment Company
Next Generation VenturesNorth Atlantic Capital CorporationNova Capital Partners
NYNMA VenturesOdeon Capital PartnersOlive Tree Capital, LLC
PfizerPinion Capital PartnersPlatinum Funding Corp
Plough Penny PartnersProspect Street VenturesRidgewood Capital
Robin Hood VenturesRMS Capital CorporationRockefeller & Co., Inc.
Rolls-Royce Corporate VenturesRRE VenturesSchroeder Ventures Life Sciences
SCP Private Equity PartnersSilicon Valley BankSilicon Alley Venture Partners
Silicon Garden NJAngelsSpaceVest Management Group Inc.Spencer Trask & Co., Inc.
Spring Capital PartnersSprout GroupTango Equity
Terrapin PartnersTudor VenturesThe Renaissance Group
The Seed FundTransformation VenturesTri-State Private Investors Network
Trident PartnersTullis-Dickerson & Co.UBS Capital
Venture AxessVeronis Suhler StevensonWachovia Bank
Westbury PartnersWestern Javelin CapitalWestrock Partners
Zon Capital Partnersand many more

These events are not primarily supported by paid sponsors so they are NOT heavily populated by service providers or vendors with no interest in investing in your company. The investor venue created by our forums can significantly reduce the cost of finding capital as well as the time necessary to raise it. We estimate that Entrepreneurs presenting at the event have raised more than $500 million since 2001, creating hundreds of jobs.

This exclusive gathering can provide a highly effective and prestigious setting for your company to deliver its vision to a captive audience of well-qualified direct investors. Investors will be attending from throughout the United States and Europe, making the event like a “Road Show” that comes to you. Since only a limited number of Presenter slots are available, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

The National Angel-VC Summit & Growth Capital Forum is a privately underwritten event, not subsidized by any government agencies, non-profit groups, paid sponsors, service providers or vendors. As a result, this venue is does not contain non-investors such as lawyers, accountants, advisors, auditors and others offering services. Conferences of our class cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce. In our opinion, the ONLY thing that counts is the number of investors in the audience who ultimately vote with their checkbook.

These private “investor-only” conferences could be best described as a “co-op” for the 15 to 20 Presenters and other featured companies, similar to a trade show. Accordingly, to cover event costs, companies pay an Entrance Fee to attend or present. Every company differs in financial resources, stage, revenues and funding requirements, so we do not have a “one-size-fits-all” fee-structure, payment terms or visibility options. New York Private Equity Forums should get a qualified company on the conference program within the framework of their budget.

Companies will be considered for the event in the order information is received. We will let you know whether or not your company would be a good fit for the conference, and we’ll discuss the visibility options and related fees. If you’d like to learn more about our visibility options, please scroll down and fill in the form.

The upcoming venue can help you solve the three biggest problems in raising capital 1) identifying qualified investors, 2) gaining credible entrée to them and 3) meeting them under favorable circumstances. Moreover, the event drives the single most important factor in getting funded quickly: creating “contemporaneous interest” among investors, which also can significantly improve deal terms.

In many cases, early stage companies pay thousands of dollars to travel to investor meetings in different cities, countries and locations to do presentations. Companies presenting with us gain the same entrée at a fraction of that cost. This event draws from all over the USA and Europe, so it’s a most cost-effective way for Presenters to meet investors from outside of their geographical regions. The majority of guests are partners, founders and managing directors of their respective firms; affording a chance to reach senior people (key decision makers) from the outset.

Please keep in mind that this event distinguishes itself from many other venues in several key respects as follows:


Nearly 100% of the guests (not connected with the presenting companies) are active investors who have PAID to attend and thus (unlike free or subsidized events) you can be sure they will be there.
Presenting companies reach an INTERNATIONAL audience of qualified funding sources focusing on early-stage opportunities.
Only 12 to 15 companies are featured on the program which provides for high visibility to investors.
The events are not primarily sponsor supported and accordingly NOT heavily populated with service providers.
There are no concurrent activities or competing presentations. All companies present to the entire audience.
Companies are never more than 10 to 20 minutes from their breakout sessions after they present.
These are “deal-oriented” events. There are no panels or other distractions that keep the spotlight from the presenters.
The majority of the attendees are PRINCIPALS (key decision makers) of the private equity or venture capital firms whom they represent.
Presenters can plan for the forums in advance as we provide confirmed guest information prior to the conference dates.
Featured companies benefit from the strong brand equity that we have built with investors over nearly 10 years.
Detailed contact information on all attending investors along with (unlike free or subsidized events) follow-up assistance is provided to entrepreneurs.
More than 5 hours networking time is provided to meet “one-on-one” with individual investors and venture capital firm partners.
Entrepreneurs have equal access to all investors, who are NEVER separated in higher-priced VIP areas or functions within the venue.

Because the investors come from throughout the United States and Europe, this exclusive forum is like a “Road Show” that comes to your company and you only need to travel to just one place to meet them all.
Presenters are provided with customized targeted introductions from a universe of several thousand investors among our prior guests.
Unlike free or subsidized events that are often local, investors travel to our event from all over the globe.
New York City is the top international air passenger gateway to and from the United States and can be most easily accessed from any point in the world.

We sincerely believe that if your company's potential is truly compelling, and that management's vision can be effectively communicated, you will not find a more cost-effective way to reach possible funding sources directly. This will be a superb opportunity to get your message across in “one place and in one day” to active serious investors who want to see fundable deals.

Will you Need Accommodations in New York? We Have Made Arrangements for Conference Guests to stay at the Yale Club New York at Specially Reduced Prices. Please inquire as to the availability of rooms upon registration.

Will you need a VISA for the USA? Please inquire upon registration and we will send you our signed invitation letter to invite you to the USA after your registration.

                                                        LATER STAGE

You can be in our Monthly Email Campaign. Later stage clients typically have a minimum EBIT of $ 1 million.

You can be in our Monthly Email Campaign with or without disclosing company identity.

With disclosing identity: - if it is not important for you to remain confidential or if it is more useful for you not to remain confidential. In this case we show your company name. If you fill in and submit the website form below the subscription fee for our Monthly Email Campaign for six months is half the price point as the Non-Presenting Entrepreneur Delegate Registration for our New York Private Equity Forums, in other words $875. Furthermore we charge $50,000 at closing. To convert that into your currency, you may use www.oanda.com

Without disclosing company identity: We contact potential investors through our email campaign with anonymous and confidential information (teaser) about your deal. Your deal gets a reference number. Everything that would allow someone to trace you such as your name, cities or other information is not shown in that teaser. This may be important for you, if you do not wish to inform your competitors, existing lenders, employees, customers, suppliers or even the public in general that you are selling the company. If you fill in and submit the website form below the subscription fee for our Monthly Email Campaign for six months is half the price point as the Non-Presenting Entrepreneur Delegate Registration for our New York Private Equity Forums, in other words $875. Furthermore we charge $50,000 at closing. To convert that into your currency, you may use www.oanda.com

Please scroll down and fill in the form.


All prices are including 19% German VAT. Clients can apply for VAT refund in Germany. Please ask us for our VAT flyer. Subscription fees are charged prior to the campaign.

If you are introduced to IGS by one of our Members the subscription fee may be higher.

Prior to advertising, Interim Global Solutions can not know, whether there are specific investors in the database that are interested in your specific deal. Prior to advertising, Interim Global Solutions can only predict whether there are investors in the database that may consider investing in your sector and your geography.