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We help you to grow and manage your business.

If you visit our website for the first time, we would kindly suggest you start here to peruse some information about Corporate Finance in order for you to benefit and make informed decisions.

We help Clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations. We tackle their most difficult issues and serious challenges, whatever those might be – on a global scale. The range of Consult – Global Services bundles expertise concerning developing business contacts on a global scale, economical, regulatory and transaction- and process-oriented issues. The Clients will be assisted to identify business opportunities, to manage risk and to fulfill regulatory demands in an environment which is increasingly influenced by a dynamic development, by internationalization and an orientation to capital markets. We are not a consultant that only prepares a book for your shelf, i.e. we bridge the gap between theory and the real world. We do also implement and execute, i.e. we bridge the gap between strategy and execution (e.g. see Interim Executives below):

Business plans target goals that are important to financial stakeholders, including investors, banks, lenders, partners, suppliers and customers. They typically have detailed information about the organization or team attempting to reach the goals or milestones. Those goals are financial goals of the future.

As such a Business Plan includes the key information of the Financial Plan or Model. In business, a financial plan refers to the three primary financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement) created within a business plan and the annual projection of income, expenses and cash flow for a company, division or department, the financial forecast. As such the business plan is based on the companies accounting and accounting system and determined by the companies way of doing that accounting, the accounting process. 

Those financial goals are important for investors and other financial stakeholders and the business plan tells the investor what the return may be for the investors investment. Business plans are decision-making tools for financial stakeholders. If you wish to raise funding for your start up or if you wish to sell your company, you may always need a business plan for investors. 

We prepare a professional Business Plan and Financial Model for you based on your accounting and we can liaise with your accountant if you wish. We can also look at your accounting processes and make those more efficient if you wish. Preparing a business plan draws on a wide range of knowledge from many different business disciplines: finance, human resource management, intellectual property management, supply chain management, operations management, and marketing, among others. We have expert Members for all those disciplines. Typically the preparation of a business plan starts with an analysis and the collection of your information to determine the content of the business plan. When we analyse and collect your information, we can also prepare you for due diligence. When we prepare you for due diligence, you have it independently reviewed. Not your employees, we are detached from the process and can offer constructive criticism on all aspects, i.e. look at it through the lense of a buyer. We can make sure that your accounts are reconciled and you are ready for investor due diligence. We can check your supplier, customer and other agreements to be included in the business plan and to be ready for due diligence. The amount of work that needs to be done to prepare a business plan depends on the complexity of your business and if you wish us to prepare you for due diligence, e.g. if you are an Entrepreneur your business is maybe not very complex and it is not necessary to prepare you for due diligence and we may just send you a questionnaire for analysis and collection of your information.

We also prepare Private Placement Memorandums (PPM). There is some overlap between a business plan and a PPM. However, a PPM is more comprehensive and there may be laws that determine the content of PPMs, since PPMs are used for private placements of securities. Privately placed securities are securities that are not publically traded at a stock exchange. We do not prepare Public Placement Memorandums, i.e. securities that are publically traded at a stock exchange. There are different laws in different countries for private placements of securities. Some countries have specific laws that affect the information in PPMs, e.g. the SEC in the USA or the SEBI in India. That is why we may prepare a PPM to be used for a specific jurisdiction only.

If you fill in and submit the website form below, we charge just Euro 25 per hour. To convert that in your currency, you may use www.oanda.com. The more complex your business is, the more hours we need. If you wish us to prepare you for due diligece, please see "Due Diligence" below. The fee may be higher, if you are introduced to IGS by one of our Members or if we need to travel.

Please also see Palo Alto Software.

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Accounting and reporting is an important function for every company, regardless if you are an Entrepreneur or a Private Equity backed company. It is the compass of your company.

Interim Global Solutions provides accounting and reporting services for every situation and every company sizes, whether it is statutory accounts, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP). IGS has extensive experience with SEC filings.

In the European Union all listed companies have been required to use IFRS since 2005. In order to be approved for use in the EU, standards must be endorsed by the Accounting Regulatory Committee (ARC), which includes representatives of member state governments and is advised by a group of accounting experts known as the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group. As a result IFRS as applied in the EU may differ from that used elsewhere in the world. US GAAP differs from IFRS. However, there is a convergence. IFRS is becoming more important in the U.S. and there is a “Work Plan for the Consideration of Incorporating International Financial Reporting Standards into the Financial Reporting System for U.S. Issuers”. Download report

Do you need monthly or quarterly accounting services? Do you wish to outsource that? We have extensive experience, especially in the USA, Europe, UK, and Germany.

Do you need an Interim Finance Manager or an Interim CFO? Do you need a SOX consultant? We provide Interim Executives. Please scroll down to learn more.

Please also see Intuit.

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We offer services for clients that wish to buy a business as well as for clients that wish to sell a business and prepare their business for due diligence. To make sure that there is no conflict of interest, we can always be only on one side of the transaction. Either the seller side or the buyer side.

                                          Clients that wish to buy a business

Some say what you don’t know can’t hurt you. We disagree. Sometimes,operational and financial issues lie just below the surface or beyond the horizon of an appealing deal.

You can better grasp what you are getting into with the right due diligence. We will help improve your
understanding of the business you are buying and clearly identify the key issues that affect the deal.

Our due diligence process can be your integrated, one-stop solution to help you examine the fine print and uncover all of the detailed answers to the complex questions you have about your acquisition. You can count on comprehensive coverage on all the major issues affecting the deal with an approach tailored to your needs. Our experienced team can help where you need it most and eliminate surprises.

We provide you with a Virtual Data Room to facilitate the due diligence process during a M&A transaction, loan syndication, or private equity and venture capital transactions. For reasons of cost, efficiency and security, virtual data rooms have widely replaced the more traditional physical data rooms.

Of course we can also send a due diligence team to a physical data room of your choosing. If you have your own due diligence team and need an expert, we can provide an expert member. If you send your due diligence team abroad for a cross border transaction and you need someone local in your due diligence team for translations and local knowledge, we can provide a local member.

                                       Clients that wish to sell a business

We assist you to eliminate surprises, before the buyer does its due diligence. Surprises that the buyer may use to bring down the sales price. As a seller you are typically interested to realize a fair sales price for your business. The buyer is typically interested to realize a low sales price to buy your business. If you are for example a client with a family business, the decision to sell your business may be one of the most important decisions in your life. There should be no surprises. Maybe you have spent most of your life to built this business. You should get a fair price for your business and you deserve it.

When we prepare you for due diligence, you have it independently reviewed and there are no surprises. We do not know your employees, accountants, lawyers and others. There is no conflict of interest. Not your employees prepare you and we are detached from the process and can offer constructive criticism on all aspects. We can make sure that your accounts are reconciled and you are ready for investor due diligence. We can check your supplier, customer and other agreements and much more.

If you fill in and submit the website form below, we charge just Euro 25 per hour. To convert that in your currency, you may use www.oanda.com. The fee may be higher, if you are introduced to IGS by one of our Members or if we need to travel.

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Mergers and acquisitions are high-risk, and surveys show the majority of acquisitions fail to achieve their objectives.

Private Equity, Venture Capital and other companies need operating professionals such as Interim Executives to integrate the acquisition target. We provide Interim Executives. Please scroll down to learn more.

The merger process presents many challenges to companies before, during and after integration.

During due diligence, corporations start to realize the enormity and complexity of the tasks. Companies also must decide how to best integrate completely different cultures while continuing business as usual. By putting a plan in place and using an objective, experienced team to guide the post acquisition process, companies can integrate quickly, increase the likelihood of success and create additional value.

We help clients identify critical success factors and develop a roadmap for a smooth integration of the acquisition target.

We help organizations navigate from due diligence to integration with a comprehensive plan for the first months - worldwide.

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It is the very purpose of private equity backed businesses that calls for high calibre Interim Executives.

Rapid growth, financial and operational restructuring, mergers & acquisitions and business turnarounds commonly require skill sets and experience levels which are not always found in the permanent management team.

It is also a given that any interim management solution must be delivered with pin-point accuracy, rapid response and effective results.

Typical assignments include:

  • Financial process improvement and restructuring
  • Business turnarounds
  • Operational process change
  • Acquisitions and integrations
  • Procurement improvements
  • International expansions

Our network covers all disciplines including:

  • Executive & non executive chairmen
  • Interim CEO’s & managing directors
  • Interim Finance directors & Finance Managers
  • Operations / manufacturing
  • Purchasing
  • IT / technology
  • Human resources
  • Sales & marketing
  • Supply chain / logistics
  • Distribution

Interim Global Solutions provides Interim Executives with experience of operating in investor backed companies in the USA and Europe. For example for cross border investments, i.e. the investor is based in the USA and the private equity backed business is based in Europe and vica versa. Our Interim Executives can also operate in non-investor backed companies.

We provide experienced Interim Executives for immediate hands-on support worldwide through periods of growth, change, loss of key employees, post merger integration, acquisition integration, due diligence, cross border issues, downsizing or any other issue. There are a number of different business situations that could result in the need for an Interim Manager. Typically these could be situations such as crisis management, sudden departure, illness, death, change management, managing change or transition, sabbaticals, MBOs and IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and project management. The interim management concept has now taken root in the UK, Germany, and Belgium, and is spreading elsewhere, most notably in Australia, the US, France, and Ireland.

Our Interim Executives are senior managers, often with qualifications like MBA, CFA or CPA. We do not provide temps or contractors. Learn more about Interim Management.

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Are you looking to export or enter foreign markets?

Our Ambassador Program is about Business Development and foreign market entry. There are different market entry modes.

You can talk to many people that are just fishing, e.g. in social networks. Those people ask for phone calls to brainstorm how to work together and that is a 100% waste of time. A long term foreign market entry strategy must start with an initial market assessment that covers the local competition, target customers and prospective partners (please see Research & Advisory below). We have learned that sourcing distributors and sales agents internationally without initial market assessment is a mine field and a waste of time, e.g. if you are looking to expand into Africa

IGS assists the client to source distributors and sales agents internationally. IGS itself does not sell the clients products or services. We help your organisation grow with a long term strategy sustainably in 194 countries around the globe. More specifically, the concept of Ambassador Program is to assist companies and/or organisations in expanding globally and increase their international presence, turnover and profits. This may include assistance to resolve legal issues, building customer bases, market entry services, administrative resources to deal with import / export issues, overcoming barriers to enter markets abroad and establishment of a liaison office(s) in the European Union and around the globe or set up a distribution network for expanding abroad. Sales are an essential component for entering new markets – either with partners or with future customers, sales representatives and distributors. Our focus is not just to come up with good advice, but to roll up our sleeves and proactively help with the execution of your expansion goals. Our services are provided on a consulting fee basis - not on sales commission or success fee.

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Together with our Partner Starlight Investment Bank, we offer a range of Investment Banking Research & Advisory services especially for small to mid-size firms.

  • Business Strategy
  • Market Intelligence
  • Performance Improvement
  • Financial Analysis
  • Country Research
  • Industry Research
  • Company Research
  • Financial Analysis and Company Valuation using various valuation methods such as DCF, trading multiples etc
  • Investment Research

Our research can be customized to cater to the needs of businesses seeking to understand and analyze a wide range of industries and markets.

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We wanted to let you know about an article about “10 Things I Look for When Reading a Business Plan” by Tim Berry of Palo Alto Software on May 30, 2012:

"It’s the end of May as I write this so I’ve just finished my annual April-May business plan marathon reading more than 100 business plans for my angel investment group and four different business plan contests. This seems like a good point to summarize here what I look for in a business plan.

  • Don’t push adjectives. Let me assign my own. This year for every plan that really looks like it might be disruptive or game changing I saw 20 or so that claimed to be.
  • Tell stories. A story tells market need way better than general market numbers. Write about problems you solve and who has them, how you solve them, and why you do it better than anybody else.
  • I want a forecast that starts with specifics like channels or traffic and conversions or segments and builds up. I hate the forecast that assets some huge market and takes a small percentage of it. It seems like every time I read “this is a $X-billion-dollar market” the surrounding discussion lacks depth and credibility.
  • I want unit economics. Often this is part of a good forecast. Tell me what it costs to produce one unit, what the channel pays for it (if channels are relevant) or what the buyer pays for it, what it costs to ship, and so on.
  • I want realistic expenses. Most plans are pretty good about estimating direct costs but bad about underlying expenses. You can’t have a $20 million sales estimate with 10 employees in the company and a few hundred thousand dollars of marketing expense. It just doesn’t happen.
  • Never write that you have no competition. Having no competition means one of two things: either your business sucks, or you haven’t done your homework and you don’t know your business. Even the most amazing disruptive game-changing plans have competition. If not now, then tomorrow. Who’s going to enter this market?
  • I want good positioning. Don’t try to please everybody. Start with a relatively narrow product-market fit and, if you can, move it gradually up to more markets and more segments. Explain in your plan which segment is first and why. Explain who you’re leaving out of your market and why.
  • I want to see basic numbers. I expect projected monthly income, balance, and cash flow for the next year and annual projections for the second and third year. And I want to see them, as in useful business charts, but I want to be able to see the numbers in detail too.
  • I want to see milestones: dates and deadlines. And progress made. What have you actually done in the recent past? Write about achievements.
  • By far the best validation of a plan is actual sales made already. People have written checks. Second best are letters from future customers promising future business.
  • (Bonus point) Don’t muck it up with too much science. It’s not a research plan, it’s a business plan. Summarize the science so I have some idea and then tell me about the business.(Bonus point) Don’t let the document get in the way. I don’t want to think about formatting or editing, I want to read your stories and imagine your future. Keep it moving and keep my mind on the business, not the misspellings or repetitions."

Once you have completed your plan, have it independently reviewed. Not your friends, select someone detached from the process who can offer constructive criticism on all aspects of the plan. IGS can critically review and enhance your Business Plan & Financial Model in excel or any other document, before you campaign to investors.

The Business Plan. Watch Video.

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All prices are plus 19 % German VAT. Clients can apply for VAT refund in Germany. Please ask us for our VAT flyer.

If you are introduced to IGS by one of our Members the subscription and / or success fee may be higher.