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Oliver Doering – CEO & Co- Founder    

Oliver Doering has been part of the Financial Services Industry for more than 20 years. Throughout the years he has been active in audition, tax consulting, corporate finance, projects finance and Interim Management. Mr. Doering is highly respected for his ability to analyze and improve cash flows in the companies he works for. Mr. Doering worked for companies like Ernst & Young and Deloitte. He is experienced in doing the accounting for small and medium sized businesses and he worked as a Finance Manager for large companies with multi billion dollar revenues. As a Finance Manager he was involved in small and large transactions. He has a great deal of experience in auditing, due diligence and transactions. Mr. Doering holds a german university Diploma in Economics with a specialization in Corporate Finance, Taxation, Financial & Management Accounting and Auditing as well is a certified tax professional in business and tax consulting professions trained in the german dual education system.

Mr. Doering is mainly responsible for administration, strategy, finance, compliance, advisory and deals.

Oliver is an Ivy Exec Mentor for Entrepreneurs.

Murat Terzi – Chairman & Co-Founder

Murat Terzi is a solid Supply Chain Management specialist / Management Consultant. He has worked in those areas since more than 26 years. Throughout the years he has been active in manufacturing, supply chain, business development and operations. Mr. Terzi is highly respected as a thoughtful and intelligent individual who looks for the win / win and comes highly recommended. Mr. Terzi is a graduate as Mechanical Engineer, holds a british university Diploma in Economics and a MSc in Manufacturing Management & Technology.

Mr. Terzi is mainly responsible for day to day operations, client relations, investor relations and business development.