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We cordially invite you to become an Interim Global Solutions Member. Interim Global Solutions does not make any difference as to how old or young a member is or religious or skin colour or male / female - all are the same. However, Members must be fluent in English as English is the organizational language of IGS. Members receive a revenue share that is amongst the highest revenue shares in the industry. For example Senior Associate Partners with a Referral Agent receive 50 % plus 10 % and the Referral Agent receives 20 %, i.e. 80 % (please see below).


This is the entry point into our organization, where an individual or an organization refers prospective clients (leads) with a potential business opportunity, and agreements and closing documentation have been created, etc. The Referral Agent is expected to refer clients to IGS and not vica versa. Vica versa is only possible for Associate Partners (please see below). 

The role of Referral Agent is to act as a deal flow provider. The Referral Agent fills and builts the sales pipeline (please compare "Infusionsoft Small Business Success Club". That is a sales pipeline or sales tunnel / funnel). The Referral Agent is a Sales Agent that sells IGS services to clients. The Referral Agent can do inside sales (through the internet or phone) from the home office or outside sales (sell in person) in the field. The Referral Agent can sell worldwide and there is no territorial restriction. The Referral Agent sources leads for that. Cold leads are qualified by the Referral Agent. Qualified leads are converted into clients that signed an IGS agreement. 

The Referral Agent has been involved in this sales process and does the work for that until the clients have signed an IGS agreement. After the clients have signed an IGS agreement, IGS will manage the relationship with the clients and do the work for that. The Referral Agent gets a referral fee of 20 % on every service sold and paid by the client. This would be a one time agreement, until the next one, and so on. There is no client exclusivity for Referral Agents and Referral Agents do not get paid for repeat clients, if they do not refer those again in the future. There is no charge to become a Referral Agent. The Referral Partner can upgrade his / her Membership any time to Associate Partner.

Get onboard, get involved, get in touch. We invite you cordially to apply for membership. Please scroll down and fill in the form.


The Associate Partner is a Sales Agent that sells IGS services to clients.

Please read Referral Agent first. The main difference between Referral Agent and Associate Partner is: Associate Partners do all the sales work just like Referral Agents, but are also expected to manage the relationship with the client after the client has signed an IGS agreement. Associate Partners do all the work during the sales cycle with a client. In order to do so, Associate Partners should for example be able to understand a Business Plan.

Another difference is that the Associate Partner is expected to refer clients to IGS, but also vica versa.

There is no charge to become an Associate Partner. However, in the beginning the Associate Partner is expected to refer clients and business to IGS first, before IGS can refer clients and business to the Associate Partner.

Associate Partners are sales agents and no employees. (IGS does not have any employees. If you are looking for a permanent role, please click here and scroll down to Ivy Exec.)

Associate Partners are free to work with other companies and / or persons as long as there is no conflict of interest.

The Associate Partners are rewarded with a significantly larger share than the Referral Agent because they do significantly more work during the sales cycle to the client, either 50 % of success fees or if the fee is no success fee Associate Partners can influence the price points, i.e. offer the service with a higher price to clients as seen on this website. This is amongst the highest shares in the industry and it can be even higher, if the Associate Partner is invited for Senior Associate Partner.

The advantage to this program is that the client with whom a successful business deal is concluded is provided with a unique reference number, URN. Thus, this client becomes the exclusive repeat client of the Associate Partner for as long as he / she remains with the IGS organization. If the Associate Partner retires from IGS, he / she gets 10 % like a Referral Agent for those clients for a period of five years after retirement.

                                               Senior Associate Partner

At some stage, voted by the senior management team of the IGS, the Associate Partner may be invited to join the IGS as a Senior Associate Partner. Associate Partners can ask to be invited.

Senior Associate Partners are trained in-house with a comprehensive training program (modules) as well as having a personal mentor (mentor program) for the first months in order to complete internal qualifications for that.

Senior Associate Partners can not only sell Interim Global Solutions products and services, but also sign up Referral Agents, Associate Partners and Joint Venture Partners and built their own tree and get a share from that. The share is 10 %. So, if you have a network you can ask them to sign up and become Members.

For example, if you sign up a Referral Agent, that Referral Agent gets 20 % and does the work until the client signs an IGS agreement. After the client has signed the IGS agreement you do the work and manage the relationship with that client and you get 50 % for that. Furthermore you get 10 %, because you are a Senior Associate Partner and that Referral Agent is in your tree. So, you get 60 %.

Senior Associate Partners do also get their 10 % share from that tree for a period of five years after they have retired from IGS. If an Associate Partner in the tree of the Senior Associate Partner is promoted to Senior Associate Partner, he / she drops out of that tree.

                                                     Interim Executive

IGS has a pool with Interim Executives for North America and Europe. Please go to the Consult page and read "Interim Executives"

Interim Executives are managers and you need to have a high quality education (tertiary or academic education) and skill set. Only Associate Partners can be in this pool (please see above).

We would require a list of all interim assignments you have ever done and two recommendations of interim clients that we can call and talk to. Members that have never done an interim assignment can not be in the pool. After that, you will have an interview with two of our Interim Executives and only if those reach a consensus to approve you for the pool, you can be in the pool.

IGS does not have any employees. If you are looking for a permanent role, please click here and scroll down to the bottom of that page.

Get onboard, get involved, get in touch. We invite you cordially to apply for membership. Please scroll down and fill in the form.


This inter-corporate related activity is based on numerous criteria to qualify. In order to be considered by the IGS as a potential partner the prospective partner must be an organization / company rather than an individual.

There is no charge to become a Joint Venture Partner.

The purpose for these organizations to enter into a Joint Venture with the IGS is that they have clients or the ability to identify and acquire clients that are looking for transaction or consulting services.

In this scenario joint venture business collaboration becomes the most natural, logical choice for both parties (a typical win-win scenario) as we would share the revenue generated 50:50.

The IGS organization would consider any sensible offer for the benefit of mutual collaboration. Usually by positioning itself on the transaction end of the equilibrium, or to provide Consult – Global Services, e.g. preparation of Business Plans, Due Diligences or other consulting services.

Get onboard, get involved, get in touch. We invite you cordially to apply for membership. Please scroll down and fill in the form.


                                   Member Application Form

If you wish to become a member, please take a moment to fill in the form. The member application form helps us to understand your skill set better. We value your time to fill in the form.

If you apply for Joint Venture Partner, please fill in the company name.

Members that wish to update their saved record, please do also fill in the form.


This document and the information contained herein are provided solely for the purpose of acquainting the reader with the documents of Interim Global Solutions, and is proprietary to the Receiver.

This BCA Associate with Schedules and any other Document has been submitted on a confidential basis solely for the benefit of selected, highly qualified Human Beings and is not for use by any other persons.

By accepting delivery of this BCA Associate with Schedules and any other Document, the recipient acknowledges and agrees that:

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